Rae of Life | K9 Dog Chews


Rae of Life’s K9 dog chews have been specifically formulated for your furry friends.  Akin to Bil Jack liver chews these soft bites allow for older dogs with dental issues to easily take them.  They are also soft allowing you to split them for your smaller companions.

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Best Use

This is best used for your god.  You MIGHT want to eat it yourself in desperate times…however this would taste more like dried out beef jerky 15 years into the apocalypse.  But no worries.  This apparently is what your dog wants because dear god do they love it.

Product Details

  • 2mg of Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil
  • Beef flavored
  • Soft for elderly dogs and easily split
  • perfect for cats too (if those little psychos like beef flavors that is)

Why We Love It

We love these treats because unlike so many other treats out there these smell and look like actual dog treats.  And with the high concentration of CBD not as much as needed.  While our treats are only 2mg they act the same as 10mg treats of lesser quality.