Mountain Elixirs | CBD Sampler Pack


Enjoy a 1/2 oz sample of each of CBD award winning bitters flavors. Each bottle contains 40 mg (200mg total) of Organic Non-GMO Colorado CBD.

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5 in stock



Best Use

The power of Colorado grown cannabidiol to enhance your favorite sparkling water or cocktail.
Please Note: This is NOT an oil, and therefore we display the actual amount of CBD versus what you see on most oils that display the weight of the carrier Oil & CBD (misleading consumers by over 5x the actual amount).

Product Details

  • Botanicals: Organic Super Critical Cannabidiol, Naval Orange Zest and other botanicals.
  • Benefits: Hangover Prevention/Aid, Anxiety, Pain, Anti-inflammatory, Sleep Aid
  • Pairings: Whiskey, bourbon, gin, tequila, tea, bubble water

Why We Love It

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