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Jaded by the extracted flavor of most cherry bitters on the market, we set out to make a version that really tastes like fresh peak-summer cherries, ideal for enhancing classics like the Manhattan and adding a rich, fruity note to cocktails made from brown and white spirits alike.

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8 in stock



Best Use

Suggested Use: Add 5 dashes (5mg of CBD) to 10 dashes (10mg of CBD) to any cocktail or sparkling water
40 Servings per bottle

Product Details

  • Botanicals: Organic Super Critical Cannabidiol, Naval Orange Zest and other botanicals.
  • Benefits: Hangover Prevention/Aid, Anxiety, Pain, Anti-inflammatory, Sleep Aid
  • Pairings: Whiskey, bourbon, gin, tequila, tea, bubble water

Why We Love It

Our Cherry is built on real organic tart and bing cherries, which give this bitters a voluptuous, fruit-forward profile. We use bourbon as our base, which draws earth and forest from the cinnamon, cherry bark, and gentian that round out this nuanced and harmonious blend. Now with the power of colorado grown cannabidiol to enhance your favorite sparkling water or cocktail.

Please Note: This is NOT an oil, and therefore we display the actual amount of CBD versus what you see on most oils that display the weight of the carrier Oil & CBD (misleading consumers by over 5x the actual amount).


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