Cured | Infused Olive Oil (LIMITED EDITION)

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Introducing Cured Hemp-Infused Olive Oil: a rich infusion of modern cuisine and cannabinoids. We’ve combined Arbequina Olive Oil with our locally sourced, sustainably grown hemp for pure bliss in a bottle. The Arbequina olives in this oil are known for their light and fruity flavor, making them a perfect match for our smooth-tasting full-spectrum hemp extract. Perfect for some homemade pesto and dressing or for drizzling over veggies, fish, and pasta. What culinary delights will you dream up?

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6 in stock



Best Use

This limited edition CBD infused olive oil should be used no differently than any other oil in your cabinet.  Use it at any time of the day on your favorite meal, salad, or appetizer.

Product Details

  • Argentinian Arbequina Olives x Colorado-grown Organic Hemp Extract
  • 23mg of CBD per serving / 750mg per bottle


Why We Love It

Perfectly balanced for all your dipping, drizzling, and pouring needs.  Microdosing with our olive oil in combination with our other products should achieve sufficient daily endocannabinoid levels which in turn can help regulate several bodily functions such as recovery, sleep, and more.