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Our Canna Hemp X Recovery Cream was made with the on-the-go athlete in mind. With menthol, capsaicin and the essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint, it provides hot and cold therapy for those leading an active lifestyle. Plus, enjoy the added effects of pure CBD isolate!

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13 in stock




Our award-winning transdermal (full absorption through all layers of the skin to the blood stream) cream delivers fast-acting effects as well as cold & heat therapy.

Recovery cream with the extreme sports athlete in mind.

Product Details

  • Ingredients: Terpenes; Arnica Oil; Hemp Seed Oil; Clove; Capsaicin; Organic Essential Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Juniper and Rosemary
  • Oils to add a helpful aromatherapy kick and enhanced healing.
  • Suggested Use: Apply as needed to sore muscles or joints. Can also be applied to temples, behind ears and the base of the neck to reach
  • all main pressure points. Safe for bruised areas. *Avoid sensitive, dry or cracked skin and open wounds*
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years from Batch Date
  • THC: This product contains less than 0.3% THC


Providing hot and cold therapy, this non-greasy, lightweight, award-winning formula delivers fast-acting effects.


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