meet the rae of life team

founder / ceo

Rachel Murphy

Rachel, our fearless leader and owner, is an experienced retail practitioner with a passion for helping people. In meeting Kyle and helping him along his path to recovery she too discovered the wonders of CBD. A long time sufferer of an auto-immune disorder as well as being diagnosed with Ciliac’s disease Rachel is no stranger to our current health care system and the inability to find a viable solution to her needs. But if someone can get this excited for boxed water…just imagine how excited she is to bring you her own product?!

life support

Kyle Murphy

According to Kyle, Rae is his remedy of life. He has seen the horrors of war, the sorrows of turpitude, the waste of listlessness, the pain of addiction…but also, the joys of parenting, the thrill of falling in love, and the sweet peace of staying in love, and the thrill of building a company that provides a product that is also a philosophy: a healthy, alternative remedy that helps to make good out of this twists and turns of this journey.


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