Vision & Values

Rae of Life has one guiding principle:
To make good and be the change we want to see in the world. Without compromise, we vow to offer wellness alternatives in three ways:

  1. In the form of products that are certifiable, proven, and tested.
  2. To model and encourage listening and support as a remedy of life.
  3. To support those that support us. Veterans, teachers, and first responders.

We do this because we know this journey firsthand. We support those facing injuries and anxieties, because we too have suffered. We support those who seek a brighter way, because we too have known darkness. We will conduct business with a whole person approach – respecting every client’s need for solid information, fair pricing, and transparent policies. We consider every customer that walks through our door our fellow traveler. One of the key remedies of life bigger than us, is the need for us to help each other out, no matter what.

We have been made whole and strong by the love and affirmation of others. -some family, some friends, and even some strangers. Together, we are the difference. Now go be that difference.

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